AZSPLM150D Biomass Pellet Mill

Technical data of AZSPLM 150D biomass pellet mill

Mould Dia.
Packing Size
FOB Price
Three-phase voltage:
380V 50HZ
Wood pellet: 50-90kg/h
Feed pellet: 90-120kg/h
Pellet size: adjustable according to your demand
Warranty: 1 Year
Note: If you desire for a diesel powered pellet machine with electric starter, 250USD should be paid additionally.

Biomass pellet, as a kind environmental friendly renewable energy resource, is widely used for heating in hotels and residences, as well as power generating in biomass power plants, etc. So nowadays fuel pellets making has been proved to be one of the most promising and profitable business. As a professional pellet mill manufacturer, Azeus offers flat die pellet mills that can make best fuel pellets for you. AZSPLM150D is one of the portable flat die pellet mills which helps you make biomass pellets in small scale.

AZSPLM150D flat die pellet mill is driven by diesel engine, so it can work in the circumstance without electricity, especially in rural areas. It is also removable, making it convenient for you to produce pellets near farm or or other places where the biomass resources are placed.

Features of 150D Portable Pellet Mill
1. It is with compact structure and flexible design, making pellets production in small scale available.
2. It is with diesel engine, making it convenient to produce pellets at places where electricity is not easily available.
3. It can be operated with lower noise and it has a long service life, due to its international standard device.
4. Both the roller and die are made of high alloy metal, so that  it is wear resistant.
5. The pellets size can be adjusted ( ranging from 2-12 mm) according to your requirement. For different sizes, you just need to change the die mould.
6. Rotating rollers and stationary dies are adopted to make fuel pellets and feed pellets.
7. For biomass pellet making, you can make pure wood pellets without any additives.

Application of this flat die pellet mill
This pellet press can be used to make fuel fuel pellets from biomass materials. In addition, this homemade pellet mill can also be used to produce feed pellets and bedding pellets for poultry, cattle, pig, etc.

animal feed pellets

For making animal feed:
The suitable raw materials for making feed pellets include bean pulp, maize, grass, wheat bran, rice hull, straw, silage, etc.

Pelleted feed made by the flat die pellet mill can be stored for a long time. It can shorten the period of feeding, so it can efficiently guarantee many users' productive cost. Feed pellets are mainly adopted to feed cattle, chicken, pig, rabbits and other animals.

For making fuel pellets:

biomass burning pellets

Raw materials for biomass pellets mainly include: wood wastes (such as sawdust, wood chips, wood shavings, and other parings from furniture manufacturers or wood working factory; wood wastes including pine tree waste, spruce tree waste) and agricultural wastes (like rice straw, peanut shells, coconut shells, palm wastes, corn stover, switchgrass, etc.). In the process of making wood pellets, the lignin and resin of woods can serve as binder for pelletizing. So there is no need to add any additives.

If you have plenty biomass resources like wood wastes and agricultural wastes, it is advisable for you to adopt a small pellet press. With the pellet mill machine, you can make fuel pellets from the biomass wastes that you have into full use. Thus you can supply your families with residential heating source to help you go through the cold winter. Also, you may establish a central system, by which, you can have hot water and heating from burning fuel pellets.

 For making bedding pellets:
 This pellet making machine can also be used to make bedding pellets for animals.

  • What's Application of Pellet Mill?

    Our pellet machine can make animal feed pellets, bedding pellets and home heating pellets. What¡¯s more, you need only one machine to make all these pellets. Widely used in animal husbandry, brewing, sugar, paper factory and other industries of organic waste granulation. The flat die pellet machine is preferred (biological) ideal equipment for organic fertilizer production enterprise.