AZSPLM120 Small Pellet Mill

Technical Parameter of AZSPLM120 Small Pellet Mill

Flat die Dia.(mm)

Wood pellets 40-60 kg/h
single phase/three phase: 220V 50HZ
/380V 50HZ

Introduction of AZSPLM120 Small Pellet Machine with Electric Motor
AZSPLM120 consists of press roller, flat die, feeder and gear bearing equipped with electric motor. It is driven by electric motor, which is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. It would be suitable for pellet plant or farm owners, or family members to make their own feed pellets and wood pellets. According to market feedback, this small pellet mill is a hot sale since it performs well at lower cost.


Features of AZSPLM120 Small Pellet Mill
1. This small pellet mill is more energy saving and environmentally friendly. -- Driven by electric motor, it does not consume traditional energy.
2. It has a long service life and it can be maintained at less costs.  -- The rollers and die are made of alloy steel which is wear-resistant; the flat die can be changed.
3. It is easy to repair.  -- It is easy to change the parts of the pellet mill (like die and roller).
4. It is suitable for farm and home use. -- This small pellet mill is in smaller size and light weight.

Suitable Raw Materials for AZSPLM120

This small flat die pellet mill can make feed pellets or wood pellets from various agricultural wastes, forestry residues and solid grains, including  maize straw, peanut shells, rice husks, corncobs, cotton seed hull, sunflower seed shells, cotton stalks, weeds, grasses, sawdust,  wood chips, wood shavings and so on.
Note: If you are not sure about whether the material you have is suitable for pelletizing, you can contact us for answers. It will be our pleasure to help you.


More Details of AZSPLM120
Diameter of flat die: 120mm
Diameter of die hole: 2.5mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm
The flat die and roller are made of  Alloy steel
Life span of flat die and rollers: not less than 800 hours
Service life of main parts: one year for the motor and gear box while five years for the upper body.
Electric connection:Check and tighten all screws and cables to the control unit before arranging the main power cable.

the electric conection of AZSPLM120B with 220V 2.2kw

(2) Diagram for electric connection of AZSPLM120 Small Pellet Mill with three phrase, 380V/3kw electric motor




  • What's Application of Pellet Mill?

    Our pellet machine can make animal feed pellets, bedding pellets and home heating pellets. What¡¯s more, you need only one machine to make all these pellets. Widely used in animal husbandry, brewing, sugar, paper factory and other industries of organic waste granulation. The flat die pellet machine is preferred (biological) ideal equipment for organic fertilizer production enterprise.