AZSPLM230 Small Pellet Mill

Technical Data of AZSPLM230 Small Pellet Mill

FOB Price
Three phase/380V 50HZ
Wood pellets: 150-190 
Feed pellets:300-400 

Introduction of AZSPLM230 Flat Die Pellet Press
AZSPLM230 small pellet machine consists of gear box, flat die, rollers and lubrication system. It is powered by electric motor. It can be used to process agricultural residues and forestry wastes into wood pellets or process grains into feed pellets. The final pellets can be cut into regular sizes according to your demand. The diameter of the pellets is determined by the die hole. Pellets with the following specifications are available: 2.5mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm.

Applications of AZSPLM230 Small Pellet Maker
This small pellet machine can be used to make feed pellets, fuel pellets and animal bedding pellets at home, on farm or in small pellet plants. As the picture shows, fuel pellets can be used for home cooking and heating; feed pellets are for animal feeding.




Wood pellets
Starting material: Sawdust, wood chips, wood shavings, etc.
Usage: As fuel source for home heating or cooking
Mixture: (1) If the percentage of pine or spruce sawdust is more than 50%, it can be directly pressed into pellets. (2) If the portion of pine or spruce sawdust is less than 50%, it needs to add 0.2-2% corn or potato starch for making durable pellets. And the total moisture content should be 12%-15%.
Feed pellets
Starting material: Straw, hay, alfalfa, and other feed stuff (chopped)
Usage: As animal feed, animal bedding
Mixture: directly mixed (moisture content:12-15%)
Fertilizer pellets
Starting material: Manure, straw/hay (chopped)
Usage: As fertilizer
Mixture: approximately equal proportion (total moisture content: 12-15%)

Features of AZSPLM230 Small Flat Die Pellet Mill

1. The flat die can be changed, thus the service life is prolonged.
2. It can be easily operated and maintained.
3. It performs well but causes less noise.
4. Gear transmission is adopted.
5. It is in small size; it is movable; and it is suitable for individual use.
6. It can make feed pellets, wood pellets and bedding pellets.
7. This small pellet mill is at lower price; it can be used at home, on farm or in small pellet plants.

Tips on Lubricating Small Pellet Mill

grease_nipple_for_dieGrease Nip for Die

grease_nipple_for_gearGrease Nip for Gear

Spare parts
Oil type
Lubrication interval
Press Roller
Lithium Lubrication Oil
Twice per shift
Principal Axis
Once per shift
Nipples for die and gear
Lithium Lubrication Oil
After each use or after 8 hours operation
Gear Box
Hypoid gear oil
Fill in the oil to the specified position every 6 months


  • What's Application of Pellet Mill?

    Our pellet machine can make animal feed pellets, bedding pellets and home heating pellets. What¡¯s more, you need only one machine to make all these pellets. Widely used in animal husbandry, brewing, sugar, paper factory and other industries of organic waste granulation. The flat die pellet machine is preferred (biological) ideal equipment for organic fertilizer production enterprise.