AZSPLM260 Rice Husk Pellet Mill

Technical Data of AZSPLM260 Small Pellet Mill

 Dimension (mm)
Die Dia.
FOB Price
 Three-phase/ 380v 50Hz
Wood pellets 220-280
Feed pellets 400-600


Introduction of AZSPLM260 Small Pellet Mill
Rice husk is one of the common agricultural wastes for farmers. Most of them are discarded as waste materials or burnt directly. However rice husk can be made into biomass fuel pellets or mixed with other feedstuff to make feed pellets for animals. You can make rice husk pellets for personal use or make some money by selling extra pellets. As one leading pellet mill manufacturer, Azeus can supply you with good-quality rice husk pellet making machine. AZSPLM260 pellet makeris a primary choice for you to make rice husks into pellets.



 Advantages of Our Rice Husk Pellet Mill
1. It consumes less energy at lower cost; it is with high efficiency.
2. It is with simple structure; it can be operated and maintained easily; it can be easily moved.
3. This pellet machine can be used to make both feed pellets and fuel pellets not only from rice husks but alsoother biomass materials like agricultural residues and forestry wastes.
4. It can be continuously operated for a long time.
5. Rollers and die are made of alloy steel; so this machine is wear resistant.

Applications of AZSPLM260 Rice Husk Pellet Mill
1. This small pellet making machine is popular among farmers and families to make their own fuel pellets for home heating and cooking at home or on farms.
2. It also can be used by farmers to make feed pellets for their poultry, cattle, pigs, etc.
3. This pellet mill can also be used to make bedding pellets for animals.

Requirements for Raw Materials
1. Agricultural wastes, like rice husks, straws and stalks, coconut shell, peanut shell, palm shell, etc.
2. Forestry wastes, such as wood branch, wood scraps, waste board, wood shavings, sawdust, leaves, etc.
3. Energy crops,like switchgrass, alfalfa, miscanthus, etc.
The size of raw materials should be less than 6 mm.
Moisture content:
The moisture content of materials should be about 12%-20%.


Advantages of Rice Husk Pellets as Fuel
1. Environmental friendly. Without pelleting, rice husks leave 15%-16% ash after burning; while the pelleted rice husk only leave about 6%-7% ash.
2. Rice husk pellets are with high density, uniform size and shape; they can be transported and stored easily.
3. Rice husk pellets can be used in stoves, boilers, heating furnaces, and central heating system to supply heating and hot water for families, hotels, and institutions.
4. Rice husk pellets are characterized by high combustion efficiency, which helps users save much energy.





  • What's Application of Pellet Mill?

    Our pellet machine can make animal feed pellets, bedding pellets and home heating pellets. What¡¯s more, you need only one machine to make all these pellets. Widely used in animal husbandry, brewing, sugar, paper factory and other industries of organic waste granulation. The flat die pellet machine is preferred (biological) ideal equipment for organic fertilizer production enterprise.