AZSPH-250 Mobile Pellet Plant

Technical Data of AZSPH-250 Mobile Pellet Plant

FOB Price
200-250 kg/h
22 kw
1.75*1.6*1.9 m
550 kg

Introduction of AZSPH-250 Mobile Pellet Plant
AZSPH-250 mobile pellet plant is a kind of simple mobile pellet making line. It consists of hammer mill, pellet mill and cyclone; all these machines are arranged on one base. So it is easy to move this pellet production line. Since crushing and pelleting are all performed with one machine, it saves labor and working time. Furthermore, this pelletizing equipment can be powered by one electric motor; so it saves energy as well.


Application of This Mobile Pellet Making Line
The above-mentioned advantage makes this mobile pellet making line suitable for farmers or foresters who want to turn their agricultural wastes or forestry residues into pellet fuel, or make grains into feed pellets.

Raw Materials
It is mainly used to process the biomass materials (with a diameter of less than 50mm and the moisture content of about 10%-13%) such as straw, hay, grass, corn stalk, rice stalk, wood shavings, etc. into fuel pellets, process grains into feed pellets.




Processing procedure of AZSPH-250 Mobile Pellet Plant
You do not have to crush the materials in advance. You can just put the materials (the diameter should be less than 50mm and the moisture content should be about 10%-13%) into the pellet plant directly; and the hammer mill will crush these materials into powdery material. Then the powdery materials are transported directly into the pellet mill; the cyclone will seperate dust from the raw materials; and then the pellets are produced by the pellet mill.

Features of AZSPH-250 Mobile Combination Pellet/Hammer Mill
1. It is multi-functional. This small pellet plant can be used to make both fuel pellets and animal feed pellets.
2. It is high efficient. The material can be processed by the hammer mill and then the pellet mill to make fuel pellets or feed. So it saves working time.
3. It occupies less floor space.
4. It is cheap and it is easy to be operated and maintained.
5. It is OK for one or two workers to control and operate the whole plant.

Tips for Safe Operation

1. Be sure that all connecting parts are securely tightened and the ground wire is also in position before starting the pellet plant.
2. During working, any electric element should not be touched.
3. If the power supply is still on, do not change any circuitry element.
4. Keep the place neat and tidy; no building-up of raw materials in the working area; neither firework and nor smoking.
5. Lubricate all parts as required.





  • What's Application of Pellet Mill?

    Our pellet machine can make animal feed pellets, bedding pellets and home heating pellets. What¡¯s more, you need only one machine to make all these pellets. Widely used in animal husbandry, brewing, sugar, paper factory and other industries of organic waste granulation. The flat die pellet machine is preferred (biological) ideal equipment for organic fertilizer production enterprise.