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AMSP 400D Flat Die Pellet Mill


With this pellet mill, you can not only meet home heating and animal feeding purpose, but also make extra money by selling extra pellets in your neighborhood.


Wood Pellet: 400-500kg/h
Feed Pellet: 900-1100kg/h


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Let us talk about the largest model of diesel engine flat die pellet mill. Capacity: 400-550kg/h(wood pellets) & 900-1100kg/h(feed pellets), you may say this productivity is little large for common home use. Don’t worry, for farmers breeding hundreds of pigs or other poultry, this pellet mill is really perfect. Another attractive point of this pellet machine is that: you can make extra money by selling some pellets. Many of our customers choose to start a small pellet mill business with AMSP-400 Flat Die Pellet Mill, just meeting the pellet demand in his neighborhood. Heart tempting, right? JUST begin now! The following will show details of this homemade and industrial pellet machine for you.

A. AMSP 400D Flat Die Pellet Mill Parameters

Model Power Capacity Diameter of Mould Packing Size
AMSP-400D 55HP Wood Pellet: 400-500kg/h
Feed Pellet: 900-1100kg/h
400 mm 1350*600*1200mm

B. Diesel Flat Die Pellet Mill Application
1. For small- scale pellet business and home use.
2. Can be used to press feed pellets for animal like rabbits, dogs, cats, cattle. The ingredient can be various upon different nutritional needs.
3. You can also make bedding pellets for these animals with same Diesel Flat Die Pellet Mill.
4. Diesel Pellet Mill is suitable for biomass pellets production which can be used to stove, boiler for warmth in winter.

C. AMSP 400D Flat Die Pellet Mill Features
1. Driven by a diesel engine makes pellets production possible especially in the rural area with shortage of electricity. Save electricity, save money.
2. Because of its Mobility, diesel pellet mill can be stated to easy repair and operate.
3. With a workhorse of 55HP, a diesel engine can accept a large production work on a daily basis.
4. What’s more, it causes no danger to the children with no cabling.
5. As a core unit of flat die pellet mill, rolls and dies are all made of high alloy metal to ensure a low consumption.
6. Pellets size is from 2-12 mm upon your requirement. When making different size, you just need to change the die mould.
7. Adopting rotating rolls and stationary dies in mould design, this flat die pellet is designed to make fuel pellet and feed pellet.
D. Wood Pellet and Feed Pellets

hardwood pellet

hotsale wood pellets

horse feed pellets

animal feed pellets

Sweet Tips on Pellets Storage for Small Pellet Business

pellet storage solution

Many customers will not only value the cost of pellet mill before purchasing but also follow-up details like storage after production. How do we store pellets? Where is the best place for pellets storage? How long can we store pellets? Here Amisy will introduce several tips to take care of pellets at home.

Pellets out from the flat die pellet mill are always very hot, up to 90-100 ℃. It’s necessary for us to cool them to room temperature before storage. A pellet cooler is needed to be equipped in industrial production. While in home pellet production, a professional cooler seems much more expensive and uneconomical. For small-scale business, the amount of processed pellets can be cooled in nature with the help of wind and sunshine. For home use, we suggest you not to press much pellets at one time. You can also package these pellets in bags for future use.

Pellets Storage indoors

indoor pellet storage solutionPellets are hygroscopic; in contact with water, damp walls or floors, they swell up and become useless. Damp pellets fall apart and can also block transport lines and damage walls. Please consider the following:
★ The pellet store should be dry the year around. Especially in newly-built houses one should pay attention that the store room has dried.
★ Normal air moisture content, such occurs under varying weather conditions, does not damage pellets.
If there is a risk of damp walls (even if only temporary) one should use purpose-built silos, such as ones made of fabric or one should construct appropriate protection against moisture (such as airspace between wall and silo).

Pellets Storage outdoors

wood pellet storage siloIf you don’t have a room to store your pellets in the garage or basement, the next best thing is a shed or shelter in a high, dry place. If you store pellets outside, carefully inspect your fuel when it arrives and repair any rips or holes in the plastic shrouding with water proof tape or additional layers of plastic. We strongly recommend adding an additional, securely fastened tarp over your skids, to protect from water and from any birds or squirrels that may puncture the plastic.

Make sure your pellets is delivered to an area in your yard or driveway that is free from any water pooling or flooding. Direct water contact from below may cause water damage and render the pellets to its original form waste. Also, be mindful of any irrigation heads or water spray paths as well. In addition, should there be any trees overhead or nearby, we suggest placing a tarp over the skids. This not only protects the packaging from constant exposure to the elements, but also keeps the leaves, dirt, and bird blessings from littering the shroud that protects your pellets.

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