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AMSPLM 200 Electric Flat Die Pellet Mill


With small size, compact structure, low noise, high efficiency and flexibility, this electric flat die pellet mill is ideal for pelletizing. With the capacity of 110-140kg/h, it is much popular for home use.


Wood pellets: 110-140 kg/h
Feed pellets: 200-300 kg/h


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Electric Flat Die Pellet Mill Introduction
This electric flat die pellet mill is smaller in size, design and structure with capacity 110-140kg/h for making wood pellets. It is an electrically powered pellet mill with a 200 mm diameter die, the holes in the die can be pretty much whatever size you would like. You can use them to process a variety of agricultural and forest wastes, such as sawdust, corn stover, straw, rice husk, palm kernel shell and many other wastes into pellets. Low noise, high efficiency and high flexibility, this machine is your ideal pelletizing machine.

AMSPLM 200 Electric Flat Die Pellet Mill Parameters

Model   Power Voltage Capacity  Packing Size
AMSPLM 200   7.5kw Three-phase voltage: 380V/ 50HZ Wood pellets: 110-140 kg/h
Feed pellets: 200-300 kg/h

Electric Flat Die Pellet Mill Features
1. Electric flat die pellet mill is driven by electric motor which makes it more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
2. Roller and flat die are made from precise material of alloy metal which makes this core part wear-resistant and not easy to break, besides, both sides can use the flat die, thus having a long service life.
3. Pellet machine adopts two or three pair of rollers ,high efficiency, uniform pellet size.
4. Quick disassembling type of precisely-cast die clamp is adopted to connect the die and quill flange, able to change new die and rollers fast and conveniently according to your needs.
5. Visibility. It is possible to view into the chamber when pelletizing, so you can solve problem in time.
6. Small size & weight which makes it widely used in home, small farm.
7. Ready-to-get raw materials, like sawdust, wood chips, peanut shell, wheat straw, cotton, barley, branch, rice husk, sunflower stalk, palm kernel shell and many other materials.
8. Suitable for making both feed pellets and wood pellets.

Highlights of Our Alloy Steel Dies for Flat Diet Pellet Mill
Long Life
Less maintenance
Low Break Down
No die jamming
High Accuracy
Less Wastage & Low Production Cost

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Buying a Portable Pellet Mill on Line for Wood Pellet Stove
There is a growing interest of making wood pellets at home by one’s own since the price of wood pellets becoming more and more expensive as the revealing advantages of biomass pellets. Therefore, it is convenient for you to purchase a portable pellet mill on line in to make the pellets for your family. Here are some suggestions.

Look through the Requirements
There are many kinds of pellet mills in today’s market that are designed for different types of requirements. The main types are designed for industrial requirements and home use requirements. If you intend to use the machine in making wood pellets for own home use, it would be highly advisable for you to look for a flat die pellet machine that has been designed for portable requirements.

wood stove pelletsNotice the Applicability
There are portable pellet mills that are designed to use more than one type of material. They are designed to produce versatility. Meanwhile, there are also pellet mills only applying for one sort material. Of course, it would be worthwhile for you to choose a machine that will provide you wide applicability. Look at the functionality. This is because these machines have been designed to perform different functionality. Thus, it is important to look at this beforehand so that you can know the type of machine you are purchasing.

Note the Maintenance
The maintenance may not be the same for different machines. It is important to inquire about the maintenance of the machine first before making a purchase. Before you can make a order, it is important to look deep into the product, do necessary research on the requirements needed and its availability in the marketplace.
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